Saturday, April 23

Today was a full day.  We arrived in Atlanta at 9:30am and drove in two vehicles to Anniston, Alabama.  In Anniston we saw murals devoted to the freedom riders bus attack in 1961.  Driving to Birmingham we went to Rickwood Field, the oldest baseball park in America established in 1908. The site of racially segregated baseball.  It was used on alternate days for black players and white players. We next went to Kelly Ingram park in Birmingham, where fire hoses and dogs were used top recent children from protesting in 1963.  We were led through the park by Bishop Calvin Woods, a veteran of the civil rights movement.  He told stories and together we sang freedom songs. He is an icon of the movement working with Martin Luther King.  Next we visited dynamite hill, named for the numerous bombings that occurred when blacks attempted to integrate white neighborhoods. This evening we met with Charles Avery.  As an 18 year old student he led more than 500 students ranging from elementary age to high school age on a twelve mile march leaving school to be part of the protests in downtown Birmingham. His insight and stories were amazing.