10/02/15 Project Update: General Project Timeline

Watson-Forsberg has a permit from the City of Edina to remove ECLC’s bell tower, and to recover stone from the parsonage exterior for reuse on the kitchen addition. This work is expected to begin the week of October 5th. They will also do a variety of preparatory tasks such as marking trees in the construction zone for either removal or protection, and staking out the new location of the east driveway.

In the coming weeks, Watson-Forsberg will obtain demolition and construction permits from the City. They will then demolish the parsonage, backfill the parsonage site, remove some trees, and relocate mechanicals in the church.

Next, construction will start on the additions to get the footings and framing complete yet this fall. Interior work on the additions will continue through the winter, with the remodeling of the existing facility and site work beginning in the spring or summer of 2016.