11/21/15 Project Update: Footing Excavation to Start

Phase I Completed Work

  • Salvaging of stone
  • Demolition of the parsonage
  • Removal of trees within the construction zone
  • Clearing/preparing interior spaces within the Phase II work areas

Phase II Timeline

  • Excavation for the footings and foundations of the new additions is expected to start November 24. Pouring will follow as soon as weather permits.
  • The bell tower will be removed after footings are dug.
  • Installation of equipment in our new boiler room will start this coming week.
  • Decommissioning of the old boiler room is planned for December 3. When done, demolition of the south section of the church will commence; exact date TBD.
  • Sewer system repair, improvements, and expansion; start date TBD.

Unknown Elements

  • We would like to install stormwater management tanks and complete east parking lot grading as part of Phase II. Mother Nature may dictate that this work is delayed until spring. We will notify you when a start date is determined.