Sunday | Feb 22, 2015  |  First Sunday in Lent

I'm probably breaking copyright law by including this illustration in our newsletter. Hopefully not. You might recognize the picture. It's from one of my favorite children's books (also made into a movie), "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day," by Judith Viorst. The book is a favorite, for many reasons. One being that it gives some relief from what Nadia Bolz-Weber might call our own "sin management" program. You know the one where "we try to do what is only God's to do." Don't get me wrong. There are great lessons in this book about good things that are ours to do. But I think we do them more authentically in response to grace; knowing that we are not alone in the messiness of life, and that God loves us anyway. Welcome to Lent, and our journey to the joy of Easter!

Join us Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings throughout the season of Lent. Every week we will unveil one of ten "stations of the cross" that allow us to reflect and point toward things that matter to God and get God's attention--peace, justice, and reconciliation. The first station, based on Alexander's awful day, and the transforming poetry of Ted Loder in "Guerillas of Grace: Prayers for the Battle," will be part of our GR 1-5 large-group this first Sunday in Lent.

Individuals, mentors/mentees, children, youth, and families of all ages are invited to participate. Passport books will be provided for the journey!

Ashes in the shape of a cross +
Kelly Rowley