ECLC Kids Youth & Families 04.19.15

The church keeps Easter for eight Sundays. Early Christians referred to Sunday as the eighth day, as if the extraordinary day of the resurrection could not fit within the normal week of seven days. Last Sunday ECLC kids in grades 1-5 were given 50 Minutes of Challenges. One for each day of Easter. These are fun activities that take less than a minute each, and can be easily replicated at home or on the go! Instructions are on the table outside the main sanctuary doors.

Sunday | Apr 19, 2015  |  Third Sunday of Easter

8:15 am  ALL AGES worship with Holy Communion (PDF of Apr 19 Assignments)

9:45 - 10:00 am

  • PK - K gather in Rm 103 for music
  • GR 1 - 5 gather in Room 100 with with teachers for ECLC Color Day Activities, and an update on our weekly offering for the LIRRS
  • GR 6 - 8 gather in Rm 112 to engage in this week's Faith Lens discussion. Also, to make posters for "Empty Bowls Full Hearts" silent auction & lunch, May 17, and discuss what that day looks like
  • High School Youth will meet with JD

10:00 - 10:40 am

  • PK - K move to classrooms with teachers
  • GR 1-5 move to classrooms with teachers for fun, "ECLC Color Day" activities (all supplies will be prepped for teachers, and in the classrooms)

10:40 am Parents pick up young children

11:00 am  ALL AGES worship with Holy Communion
(PDF of Apr 19 Assignments)

5:00 - 7:00 pm High School Youth Connection Dinner.

Wednesday | Apr 22, 2015  |  Youth

We will be looking at the life and work of the Apostle Paul, who took many journeys to various congregations and corresponded with them through letters that are now a major part of the New Testament. To follow Paul's lead, we are going to take Confirmation on the road.

April 22, we will visit our partner congregation, St. Paul's Lutheran in South Minneapolis. We went there for our Justice retreat in March, and Pastor Luisa invited us to come back to make mosaics with her! We will meet at 6 pm and depart from ECLC. Pizza will be served at St. Paul's. We will return by 8 pm.

IMPORTANT DATES for Teachers, Kids Youth & Families

  • Youth Breakfast Fundraiser, Sunday, May 3, 9:00 am-12:00 pm (there will be NO Sunday School on this day, so teachers and families can attend the breakfast, in support of ECLC high school youth)
  • No Sunday School, Sunday, May 3 (see Youth Breakfast, above)
  • WAM Rehearsal and activities in preparation for Teacher Appreciation, Sunday, May 10, 9:45-10:40 am (PK-K will also do their regular lesson)
  • Lambs Gathering (ages 0-3 with their parents), Sunday, May 10 at 9:45 am
  • Teacher Appreciation Sunday & "Empty Bowls Full Hearts" Confirmation Event, Sunday, May 17, during and after the 11:00 am worship service. ***IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ALL TEACHERS, KIDS & CONFIRMATION YOUTH to be here on this special day!***
  • Sunday School Parties, Sunday, May 17, 9:45 -10:40 am
  • High School Youth participate in MN AIDS Walk, Sunday, May 17