ECLC Kids Youth & Families 09.20.15

Thank you to everyone who joined us at last week's Sunday School Launch, and who wanted to be there. It was the beginning of what will be a great year, building church together! Teachers, please check your mailbox each week, where you will find updated class rosters, name tags, and other important information! Haven't registered yet? Sign up online at, or at church. Then sign and add your LEGO to the wall!

Sunday | Sep 20, 2015 | 17th Sunday after Pentecost

8:15 am worship with Holy Communion

9:45 - 10 am

  • PK-K families meet in 103
  • GR 1-5 meet in 100
  • GR 6-8 meet in 112
  • GR 9-12 meet in Youth Room

10 - 10:10 am

  • PK-K remain in 103 for video
  • GR 1-3 remain in 100 for video
  • GR 4-5 move to 109 for video

10:10 - 10:40 am

  • PK-K move to 105, 104, 103
  • GR 1-3 move to 100, 107, 108

10:40 am Parents pick up children

11 am worship with Holy Communion

Leaders Prep

LAMBS   Curriculum Schedule [PDF]
Curriculum Schedule [PDF]   Whirl, Jesus Welcome Children 9.20
GR 1-3   Curriculum Schedule [PDF]  Holy Moly, The Boy Teacher 9.20 [PDF]
GR 4-5   Curriculum Schedule [PDF]   Whirl, Jesus Welcomes Children 9.20
GR 6-8   Faith Lens: We're Number One! 9.20

Make a Joyful Noise!

You've heard of Peter, Paul and Mary? Well, meet Peter, Dave and Melissa! These three will be our main song leaders for Sunday School this year, from 9:45 - 10 am.

  • Melissa Bergstrom (organist and adult choir director, too) will be coordinating times for the kiddos to sing in worship and leading songs here, there and everywhere.
  • Peter O'Malia (Luther Sem grad, was a church youth director now he's a social worker and guitar strumming guy who was singing with the wee ones last year) will be leading the GR 1-5 folks in some funky sing-along songs with his guitar.
  • Dave Eckenrode (Renaissance Festival singer extraordinaire, choir member) will be coaxing some cherub-cheer from our wee ones.

If you can help fill in when one of the aforementioned folks is gone, please contact Melissa ~ share your joyful noise!
Questions? Please email, call, or text Kelly or 952.412.3253