During soup supper tonight, meet local immigrant teens through their 2 page written stories, then talk about what surprised/impressed/concerned you about life in our neighborhoods today. Find the special table marked Green Card Voices to join the Immigration Task Force conversation tonight!

At times, everyone experiences difficult and transitional situations. The BeFriender Ministry at ECLC offers a caring companion to listen, empathize, and be a reminder of a loving and supportive faith community. A BeFriender is someone who listens with compassion, accepts people as they are, respects another’s spiritual journey, and embodies the caring presence of God. BeFrienders provide pastoral care for people in all kinds of difficult and transitional situations. They are trained volunteers who extend the care of a faith community. A BeFriender can be a confidential listening presence at a time when extra support is needed. BeFrienders provide pastoral care through a listening presence for …

Anyone Experiencing: Hospitalization, Cancer or chronic illness, Resident of a skilled nursing facility, Addiction, Post-partum depression, Stress of being a caregiver, Death of a loved one, Loneliness, Getting married or divorced, Blending families, Becoming a parent or parenting challenges, Relationship issues, Major life decisions, Relocation, Job loss or career change, Financial worries, Buying or losing a home, Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, Any other need for pastoral care.

BeFrienders are available to listen, care, encourage, and share. This Sunday, eight BeFriender ministers will be commissioned during worship. If you would like a BeFriender to visit, or to learn more about this ministry, please contact the BeFriender Leadership Team: Pastor Stephanie, Kevin F. or Kathy M. 

MENTAL HEALTH DAY ON THE HILL:  God cares for the dignity of all God's people, including mental health. Improved access to mental health care is needed across MN---so is the decrease of stigma of mental illness. Join ECLCers and Minnesotans from across the state to advocate on Thursday, March 15th. 11:15am rally; Noon visits with legislators. Email ECLC Minister of Mission Mary K. to join the ECLC group.

BRAINSTORM HOW TO CONNECT ECLCERS:  As we seek Becoming Beloved Community, we seek connection between ECLCers in our growing congregation. Brainstorm ways to connect with the Connectivity Task Force at Noon on Sunday, March 18th.  Email ECLCer Kay L.

POSTER MAKING? GRAPHIC DESIGN? Do you like to be creative?  Enjoy a bit of basic graphic design? ECLC is seeking a few on-going volunteers to create the sign up sheets at our Sign Up Center. Approx 5-8 flyers per month, when it works for you. Email Lauren to learn more about this creative opportunity.

THANK YOU, PRAYER AMIGOS!  ECLC’s 20 prayer amigo households completed their official journey of prayer partnership with 20 St. Paul’s households this Sunday with worship together and a potluck at St. Paul’s.  Thank you for continuing to become beloved community together!  Next opportunity to connect with St. Paul’s is a St. Patrick’s Day bonfire on Saturday, March 17th!

GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION ADVOCATES NEEDED THURSDAY: Show up at the State Capitol to support the committee hearing for a Criminal Background Check bill and Gun Violence Prevention order bill this Thursday at 10am--arrive earlier to get a seat and wear orange to let legislators know where you stand! This is a BIG deal.  Check Protect MN for more details or email ECLCer Larry E.

MARCH 11 SUNDAY FORUM: INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY. Just days after the #metoo movement hit social media, the ELCA released its Draft Social Statement on Women and Justice. As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th—a  global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, as well as a call to action for accelerating gender parity—join this important conversation on women and justice. Copies of the draft are available online: