Stewardship Campaign 2019

In this season mixed with ministry and grief, we have a simple, bold request. Please give. If you haven’t given in the past, please start. If you’ve always given or given occasionally, thank you. We ask you to please increase your giving. The Capital Campaign is ending in 2018. Consider rolling those gifts into your annual giving.

In these days, we seek to focus on the healing of this community and the healing of the world through our mission partners. As a result, our stewardship campaign for 2019 will be simpler and more direct. We need everyone to take action without all the usual reminders.

This fall, our goal is to take an extraordinary step and increase the general budget for 2019 by 25% — about $200,000. If we make the goal, we can begin to make mortgage payments from our budget rather than from Capital Campaign dollars. If we go all in and respond to the need, we can skip our planned, third Capital Campaign in 2019.

This is an extraordinary request in an extraordinary time in the life of this congregation. We trust that it’s possible.

As you prayerfully consider your 2019 financial commitment to ECLC’s long-term vitality, we invite you to imagine the possible impact when we, as a congregation, go all in. A small group of members has made $50,000 available to match the pledges of first-time givers. Each member household has received a mailing that includes a 2019 Giving Commitment Card. Read about the need and take an extraordinary step.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 4.58.40 PM.png

Make an online donation or payment today.

Download a 2019 Giving Commitment Card.
Please send completed cards to the church office, Attn: Kristian Clauser before Thanksgiving. 

To contribute your time and talent,
please contact Lauren Morse-Wendt, Mission & Ministry Developer.    

To contribute securities, real estate, life insurance, etc.,
or to ask other questions about your financial giving to ECLC,
please contact Kristian Clauser, Director of Finance & Administration.

To include ECLC in your will, contact Pastor Jeff Sartain.