It’s Your Turn…To Give

What a special time it is in the life of our congregation. In September the congregation voted to build a new sanctuary and remodel almost all of our existing space. The signs of construction are all around us – walls going up, walls coming down, stone being removed from the parsonage and readied for use in the new design. For the next many months we will live in a construction zone.

These are exciting times as we carry out God’s YES. For more than 60 years ECLC members have responded to challenges to grow in faith, extend outreach to the community and the world, and to be a welcoming place for all, without exception.

    Click to download a gift making reflection guide.

    Click to download a gift making reflection guide.

Now It’s Your Turn…To Give. It’s your turn to carefully and prayerfully determine what your gifts in support of the Annual Budget will be, and what your financial commitment will be to build our new space. It is a privileged time. We have before us a wonderful opportunity to lay yet another foundation so that the mission of this congregation can continue far into the future.

We are a community of faith and each of us now has the opportunity to give of the gifts we’ve been given. What percentage of your income will you give? How can you be generous at this important time in the life of our community?

It’s Your Turn to generously invest in ECLC’s mission and ministry. Your gift is needed and is important. We’re planning for the future, living in construction chaos, and eager for what lies ahead. 

Commitment Sunday is November 8, 2015. Please prayerfully determine your gift, then complete the Commitment Card that was mailed to you (or download one) and bring it to church with you on the 8th. If you cannot attend that day, please send your card to the church office, Attn: Kristian Clauser.  

Make an online donation today.

Download a 2016 Giving Commitment Card.
Please send completed cards to the church office, Attn: Kristian Clauser.  

To contribute your time and talent,
please contact Lauren Morse-Wendt, Mission & Ministry Developer.    
To contribute securities, real estate, life insurance, etc.,
or to ask other questions about your financial giving to ECLC,
please contact Kristian Clauser, Business Administrator.