high school youth (GR 9 - 12)


High School youth are invited to participate in an annual pilgrimage (traditionally referred to as "mission trip") each summer. Pilgrimage locations vary from in-state, to international, to the ELCA Youth Gathering. Youth participate in reflection and social analysis before and after each trip, and share their experiences with the congregation upon their return. In the summer of 2016, youth visited Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee; walking in the steps of and hearing the stories of those who participated in the 1960's Civil Rights Movement (check out our blog). The 2017 Pilgrimage will be in El Salvador from July 10-17. Follow the "high-school news" link for more information. 


A few times a year youth have the opportunity to eat, reflect, and live in community with each-other. Retreat concerns range from theology, to personal calling, to worship, to sex and bodies, and to social justice. During the 2015-2016 year the retreats include fall Urban Plunge, winter OWL Retreat (Our Whole Lives), spring Do Justice! (racism) retreat, and a week long summer journey in the boundary waters.

MASS MEETINGS (Sunday school)

During the school year, high school youth meet most Sunday mornings to eat together, explore vulnerability, talk theology, and ask hard questions about our lives.


One Sunday each month, ECLC high school youth meet in a member's home for food, fellowship, and hilarity. 


Faith Milestones are a time to be intentional about the different ages, stages, and transitions of life, blessing high school youth in worship and encouraging every generation in the promises made at baptism.

Students walk in community together: Asking hard questions about God and our lives, eating together, working for social change, and laughing constantly.
— Vision for Ministry with high-school youth