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Decolonization of the Mind

JD's study abroad in South Africa and Namibia, fall 2015


1940s: from Afrikaans, literally 'separateness', from Dutch apart 'separate' + -heid (equivalent of -hood).
Adopted as a slogan in the 1948 election by the successful Afrikaner National Party, apartheid extended and institutionalized existing racial segregation. Despite rioting and terrorism at home and isolation abroad from the 1960s onwards, the white regime maintained the apartheid system with only minor relaxation until February 1991

- Oxford Dictionary

Thoughts from people I have met (as of 9/1): 

"What have we done? Our crime is our blackness." - Signs from protesters during the 1976 youth uprising

"South Africa is not a poor country, it is unequal." - Bricks Mokolo

"We're not allowed to say why the dead are dead!" "Rome will collapse under the weight of Rome." - Rev. Alan Story

"We saw soldiers come into our townships with cannons, and all we had were stones." - Molafi Mataboge

"Jesus is HIV positive." "We must dismantle the white church." - Rev. Xola Skosana

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  • August 16 - 22: Orientation to South Africa in Johannesburg
  • August 23 - September 3: Exploring Identity in Cape Town
  • September 4 - 12: Orientation to Namibia and start formal classes in Windhoek
  • September 13-26: Classes and Urban Family Stay
  • September 27 - October 3: Classes and Travel to Coast
  • October 3 - 10: Classes
  • October 11 - 24: Rural Homestay and Namibia Travel 
  • October 25-31: Spring Break (it's spring in this hemisphere right now)
  • November 1 - 28: Classes
  • November 29 - December 5: Final projects, re-entry, and departure