ECLC GLBT & FRIENDS HOSTS SOUP SUPPER TONIGHT!  We give thanks for ECLC’s GLBT & Friends group for hosting the meal this evening—see you tonight!

WORLD OF BIBLICAL ISRAEL: Change in Date/Time! We decided in class last week to merge the last two classes together this Wednesday, March 21st starting at 5:30PM for video, break at 6PM for a CUP of soup (suggest a CUP) to bring back for discussion, then second video at 6:30PM.  Still studying Tribal Israel.  This will be the last class until next fall.  Shalom!

TONIGHT AT 6 PM It’s a Flash Mob! Come pack tea bags for Emergency Community Services (CES) clients. Get your soup, enjoy and then find the “packing table”!

AT SOUP SUPPER TONIGHT!  NEXT STEPS TO END HOMELESSNESS!  Your help is needed with a Beacon petition to support the $140 Million Bonding Bill at the state legislature!  Come on Wednesday to Soup Supper and join our table.  Learn more!

PHOTOGRAPHER AT ECLC ON SUNDAY!  Professional photographer Courtney Perry will be at ECLC this Sunday during worship and fellowship time to take photos of our life together for our website, facebook page, and other publications. She’ll focus on action shots—please welcome her, but you don’t need to pose, except for a traditional Palm Sunday group photo before worship begins on the steps.  If you prefer not to be pictured in our media presence, please contact one of the pastors so we can honor that request.

66 WEST VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  At the request of residents who desire to look to cook more recipes, a few key volunteers are needed on Thursday, May 10 from 3-6 to prepare a meal on site with residents in order to model cooking skills. Volunteers will stay to enjoy the meal with residents at 5!   While far off, we need a commitment from 2-3 volunteers so that we can say YES.  Email Lauren if you’d like to help cook.

NEW FROM VEAP!  Our mission partner VEAP launches a new program this week. The MOBILE FOOD PANTRY. VEAP has retrofitted a van that you can visit in a 2 minute video here by clicking here and will bring retail rescued produce to client areas identified as having transportation barriers making it difficult to travel to the VEAP site.  

THANK YOU!  February “Shower Power” collection resulted in 47# of toiletries for Simpson Housing Services. They were thrilled to receive it!  Thank you to Ruth & Phil for sorting, weighing and delivering!

ECOFAITH TIP OF THE WEEK:  Trash Talk! Spring cleaning in your future? Think about recycling rather than throwing in the trash. Did you know Hennepin County residents, businesses and organizations create enough waste each year to fill Target Field 11 times, but only 38% of that waste is recycled? You can now recycle more of what you buy, including plastic cups and containers (like cottage cheese containers, yogurt cups and party cups) as well as milk, juice and broth cartons. Expand Your Recycling Habit. Use convenient recycling bins and signage and mix in a little education and fun.