We're Going to College...in El Salvador!

As sister congregations, ECLC and Cristo de Paz consider ourselves part of the same big family…and, this year, for the first time, one of our Salvadoran brothers is starting college!  Denys, one of the youth leaders of Cristo de Paz, who has been involved in both medical ministries and teaching the young children of the congregation, hopes to obtain a degree in auto mechanics at a well-regarded vocational school.

ECLC is excited to walk with Denys on the journey towards reaching his dreams! On Sunday, January 11, ECLCers will be invited to participate in a special appeal to support Denys financially and prayerfully.  We aim to raise $1500 to support Denys for one year of life as a college student.  
Thank you for praying for Denys and all of the students of Cristo de Paz as they move forward academically.   Three younger students from Cristo de Paz are also still in need of sponsors; if you would like to sponsor Carlos (4th grade--$85), Emilio (9th grade--$100), or Santos (9th grade--$100), please let Lauren Morse-Wendt know.