It’s Our Turn…To Dig In

While change and chaos are beginning to be felt in our building and on our property, mission and ministry are still the focus of our life together. We’re digging in to make sure those things we value about ECLC today will be here for the future as well.

ECLC is a community where we are cared for and we care for others. We are challenged and inspired to make a difference in the world. We receive forgiveness. We are assured that God loves each of us ‘no matter what.’ We are surrounded with support when we grieve and when life is challenging. We are fed weekly at the Lord’s Table. We are immersed in causes that matter to God and therefore God’s people. We are encouraged to feed the hungry, provide housing for the homeless, console the sick, welcome all without exception, and wrestle with difficult issues.

We have the opportunity to assure that the mission of this congregation can continue far into the future. It’s Our Turn…To Dig In. That means thinking seriously about what gift you might pledge to support ministry in 2016, and to create this new and vital space for mission and ministry. Your gift matters!

Sunday was a great day for our groundbreaking.  The Events committee and Children team both did a great job.  We gave thanks to God and “dug in.”  And now things are moving ahead.  Stone is almost all off the parsonage, the organ has been dismantled in the sanctuary and other preparation work is taking place in the sanctuary and for the demolition of the parsonage.  Changes to the heating system in our building to come next.  Curbs and gutters are in on 54th Street along with our new entrances to our parking lots.  Soon sidewalks, asphalt and the 54th bridge will be completed.  For updates and photos of our building progress, check out our construction blog on the ECLC website!