Help ECLC Welcome Pastor Conchi!

In 2010, ECLC took a leap of faith and put me on a plane to El Salvador not knowing anyone there.  5 years, 8 visits, 45 visitors, and 54 scholarship students later…we know a LOT of people there.  We pray for each other, learn about each other’s communities, visit each other, and, above all, accompany each other through life’s joys and challenges.

We are so fortunate this week to welcome Pastor Conchi to ECLC with open arms so that SHE can get to know a lot of people HERE.  We cannot hope to match the abundant hospitality Cristo de Paz has provided for us over the years…but we’re going to try!

You are warmly welcomed to each of the below activities: we want a crowd to welcome our dear sister pastor!

Sat., Nov. 14: 11am: All ages service project benefitting Community Emergency Services

Sun, Nov 15: Pastor Conchi will preach in worship and visit with Sunday School and lead the forum between services.

Sun., Nov. 15: All congregation lunch reception at Noon. (Pastor Conchi will also lead worship this day)

Mon., Nov. 16: 9:30am: Brunch and discussion on health care and the Lutheran Church in El Salvador

Mon, Nov 16: 7pm: Lutheranism in El Salvador and Nigeria (hosted by St. Paul Reformation in St. Paul)

Tues., Nov. 17: 5pm: Join Pastor Conchi serving at Loaves & Fishes, 2448 15th Ave S., Mpls)