It's Your Turn!

This Sunday, November 8 is Commitment Sunday at ECLC. With prayers and thanks to God for all we have been given, each of us will place our Commitment Card in the offering plate.

The past weeks have been a time of reflection, thanks, and hope for the future. Now as we worship in the early stages of the construction zone, it is time for each of us to finally determine how we might stretch our commitment to fund our much-needed new space and support our annual 2016 budget. There is room on the card for pledges to both of these important parts of our mission and ministry together.

In the past weeks we’ve had time for learning about the ministry our new and remodeled building will support. We’ve heard members share their personal reflections on what ECLC means to them, how their faith has been nurtured and how they plan to generously invest in the future. There have been mailings. There have been gatherings, conversation and much prayer. Now, It’s Your Turn!

Please bring your Commitment Card this Sunday or send it to the church office in the next days and then plan to celebrate the generosity of this congregation on Sunday, November 22.