This Advent, We Receive The Greatest Gift

Throughout Advent, ECLC invites you to prepare to receive the gift of Christ in the world. Through Christ, God extends to us the gift of living freely, in a way that goes beyond fear of scarcity or pressure to prove ourselves worthy. This is God’s gift and God’s hope for us. 

Yet, we all know how very hard that is. 

How fear creeps in.

How comparison makes us feel unworthy.

How shame keeps us from sharing our whole selves. 

This season, ECLC invites you to Be Bold. To live freely as God intended, by stretching yourself to be opened to God’s gift. This takes practice. And work. We hope you will join us to explore this idea during our Sunday forums on December 6 and 13 at 9:45am and during worship on Dec 13.  

Please also consider boldly sharing your resources through this year’s Christmas Offering, which will be shared by two such daring organizations:  Bright Stars of Bethlehem and Edina Meals Via Wheels.   Bright Stars of Bethlehem provides and advocates for emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual health for people in Palestine.  Read more about the recent uprisings affecting the already challenging life there in this letter.  Edina Meals Via Wheels makes a bold choice to ensure our own community provides resources that allow people to continue living safely in their own homes. Due to our construction and consequent inability to host a meal this Thanksgiving, we want to show our commitment to the community meals in this way.

We are grateful for your whole self; this Advent, we invite you to boldly live freely in the promise that God is, too.