It's Daring...To Live into Advent

I admit it. All the preparations are getting to me.  The Christmas cards aren't done, it's still December 6th on our Advent calendar, and I'm beginning to wonder if I can send presents after Christmas. Advent can be a hard time of year, with out of control expectations, often mixed with the deep emotions of longing or grief that makes those expectations even more impossible to reach.

Here's a little secret: we all feel this way sometimes.  However you are feeling is OK.  God's gift in the form of Christ means that you are worthy, you are loved, just as you times of great joy, in times of great chaos, and in times of great sorrow. 

But, it's a daring act to live that way. To boldly share your whole self, to vulnerably open yourself to real relationship, and to humble yourself to be a recipient of God's care.

This Sunday, we'll continue this faithful conversation together with guest preacher and speaker, The Rev. Sarah Ciavarri, will help us connect what it means to live faithfully and what it means to live openly and wholeheartedly in all times.  Don't miss her Sunday forum at 9:45.

Whatever this Advent brings you, however you are feeling during this season, may you feel God's gentle care AND the love of this whole community--believing in you, as exactly the person you are.

Peace, Lauren