Under Construction

ECLC’s not quite ready for a backhoe yet, but the City of Edina is! They’ve already begun important infrastructure projects in the Arden Park neighborhood that will upgrade utilities, improve pedestrian safety, rebuild roadways, and improve stormwater management to better protect Minnehaha Creek. Work adjacent to the church will take place during the fourth of five phases, the exact construction start date for our sector is still forthcoming.

The greatest impact on ECLC will come from the total reconstruction of 54th Street from France Avenue to Wooddale Avenue, including the bridge over Minnehaha Creek. The City determined that patching segments here and there would not suffice as the road is badly deteriorated, is a safety hazard to pedestrians and cyclists, and the bridge is at the end of its useful life.

Of particular benefit to church members and guests will be the addition of a sidewalk along the entire north side of 54th Street between France and Wooddale Avenues. ECLC requested that one also be added on the south side from our parking lot to the bridge, and we’re pleased that the City Council agreed! In order to get that sidewalk installed, ECLC will need to grant the City a temporary construction easement. The City is also seeking a second, permanent utility easement to relocate a few utility poles near the new bridge on church property.

With the knowledge of the Council of Ministers, Kristian Clauser (ECLC Business Administrator), Luke Breen (Woods and Creek Task Force), and Carol Bros (Council Vice President) have been working on the particulars of both easements. With legal counsel from the firm of Best & Flanagan, as well as advice from an arborist at Heritage Shade Tree Consultants, they expect to reach a final agreement with the City very soon. Once that happens, the Council has authorized the Executive Committee to approve the temporary construction easement. However, because the utility easement would be permanent, only the congregation can approve it.

For that reason, the Council of Ministers has called a Congregational Meeting after the second service on Sunday, May 17, 2015 for the purpose of voting on the proposed permanent utility easement agreement with the City of Edina. The vote will be preceded by a brief presentation about the easement, including diagrams showing the designated area and utility pole locations.

Questions about the 54th Street Project or the proposed easement may be directed to Kristian Clauser, ECLC Business Administrator (kclauser@eclc.org).