As our congregation continues to grow, it becomes ever more important to turn to that unfamiliar neighbor in worship and ask, “Have we met?” Many first and second time visitors are seeking out true community like ECLC…and even long time members are realizing they can’t know everyone.  ECLC 101 provides one opportunity to connect!

Designed for people interested in becoming part of the ECLC community, this April we will host three ECLC 101 gatherings that are really a great opportunity for anyone to remember who we are as ECLC and as the Lutheran Church AND get to know the ECLCers we create community with.  Each week, welcoming committee members and Council of Ministers members will join the conversation.  Ready to make a deeper connection or commitment to ECLC?  Check out ECLC 101 from 9:45-10:45 the following Sundays:

WHO IS ECLC IN THE LUTHERAN CHURCH?   This Sunday, April 12.  Join Pastor Erik and Pastor Stephanie for conversation about ECLC’s faith values as a part of the larger Lutheran Church.


WHO IS ECLC IN THE WORLD?   Next Sunday, April 19.  Join Diaconal Minister Lauren and Business Administrator, Kristian, for conversation about using your gifts and talents to grow ECLC’s ministry both in our building and out in the world.


WHO IS ECLC AS A COMMUNITY OF DISCIPLES?   Sunday, April 26.  Join Director of Children and Family Ministry, Kelly, and Pastor Stephanie for a conversation on how we grow our faith both as children and adults and what it means to be a disciple throughout our lives.

If you can, let us know you are coming so we can prepare a great conversation. RSVP to Lauren.