Where's Flat Jesus?

Summer is a wonderful time for all ages to explore what it means that God is always with us. To be Christ's church in the world: wherever we are, whoever we're with, and in whatever we do. Similar to Jeff Brown's children's book character, "Flat Stanley," Flat Jesus has the ability to be and go anywhere and to share a really great story. This is the idea behind Flat Jesus. Flat Jesus is also a fun way to keep connected as a community of faith during the summer. Everyone in the congregation is encouraged to keep Flat Jesus in their bag, purse, wallet, or car, and to log at least one event/activity or location between June - August.

This summer we're physically mapping the adventures of Flat Jesus on our map wall outside the main sanctuary doors. We're also offering a list of event, activity, and location ideas for the congregation that we'll add to throughout the summer. Use crayons or colored pencils to personalize your own Flat Jesus (both regular and wallet size templates will be at a table in the Fellowship Hall, beginning June 7), and we'll laminate it for you on the spot. Each week, add your comings and goings to the map wall, along with pictures of you and Flat Jesus. Or, email pictures and a brief description to krowley@eclc.org, and I'll put them up for you!

Where's Flat Jesus? To begin, take a picture of you and Flat Jesus where you live, work, or play, and add it to the map wall. God is everywhere, so don't feel limited by our list of ideas! If you're doing something fun, or going somewhere special, bring Flat Jesus along. Last summer we had Flat Jesus pictures as close to home as the kitchen table, and as far away as Switzerland! Throughout the summer we'll suggest additional events, activities, and locations for Flat Jesus on the ECLC Kids Youth & Family Facebook page. A list available on the map wall in the Fellowship Hall will get you started. Also, look for ECLC's "life size" Flat Jesus in a different location every week. I think you'll be surprised where he'll show up!