Empty Bowls...Full Hearts

The shelves are empty. It's a humbling reality that our food shelves cannot keep up with demand. In April ECLC's group of Community Emergency Service (CES) volunteers struggled to meet the rapidly growing need...and left behind empty shelves. Lord, have mercy.

Our hearts are full. ECLC Confirmation youth are eager to help fill those empty shelves by serving soup & bread to the congregation and hosting a silent auction, following the 11:00 am worship service on May 17. Donations for soup & bread, and the one-of-a-kind glazed bowls kids made, will be given to Community Emergency Service. Please mark your calendar and join us for lunch. Silent auction bids for bowls and other clay creations made by ECLC kids and youth at this year's Palm Sunday Fair, will open at 7:30 am and be accepted until 12:30 pm. Stay after lunch for the Congregational Meeting. Winning bidders will take home empty bowls and full hearts!