Renewal Sunday, September 13

ECLC cares not only about you on Sunday mornings, but your whole life.  Whether it's your vocation, your family life, or the issues you care about in the world, we hope to support you in all of your roles as a Child of God.  God walks with you in every moment of life, and we hope to walk with you, too. 

This Sunday and throughout fall, we celebrate your whole lives.  Here are a few of the ways we hope you’ll participate: 

Everyone! Bring your backpacks and book bags to worship at 8:15 am or 11 am (before or after Sunday School Launch, at 9:45 am) for a blessing of the backpacks, and a special faith milestone blessing for kindergarteners. As the new school year begins, we give thanks for all children, teachers, educators, mentors, volunteers, and schools!

Beyond children and teachers, we also celebrate the vocations of all of us in the world! We will offer a special blessing in worship; thank you for using your God-given gifts to serve your neighbor wherever your feet are planted. You are blessed to be a blessing!

Beginning this Sunday, there will be a question of the week in the Fellowship Hall.  You'll be invited to share a bit of yourself.  Questions might be anonymous (What is something you are proud of doing?) or named (If you are baptized, where was your baptism?).  Some questions will be light (What's one thing you love about ECLC!) or a bit more probing (What's one thing you hide from people?)  We hope this wall of sharing will be one of many ways we, together, can create a safe community to share our whole lives, deepen relationships, and show that you are never alone.

This Sunday, as we celebrate children approaching milestones, adults’ lifelong vocations, and every day in between…please know that we look forward to celebrating, supporting, and praying for and with you!