Let's Send Edwin and Denys to College!

This week marks the start of the school year in El Salvador.  57 Cristo de Paz children will walk or bus to schools wearing uniforms and carrying backpacks and supplies provided by ECLC scholarships.  Given El Salvador's extraordinarily high dropout rate, caused by economic distress, fear of gang recruiting in the schools, distance to schools, and poor job prospects, these scholarships are changing lives. You can read more about the Salvadoran School System here.

Given these challenges, the enrollment of a student from Cristo de Paz's community in college is rare...and, this year, there will be two!  Denys, entering his second year in technical school, and Edwin, beginning his college experience.

This Sunday, January 24th, you are invited to participate in our congregational campaign to Send Edwin and Denys to College!  Supplemented by their lead ECLC scholarship sponsors and the Mission Committee, we must raise $1000 to reach the needed amount of $3000.  Please bring cash or check for $1 to $40 this Sunday....envelopes marked with $1, $2, $3, etc, through $40 will be removed by donors as they are filled until all envelopes are gone and we have raised $1000. Acting together, we can help Edwin and Denys not only reach their educational goals, but also help them serve as role models for the 57 younger Cristo de Paz students.

Scholarship Sponsors, we will also create valentines for your sponsors and film a brief video greeting following each worship service this Sunday. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with your student at the start of their school year!