Baptism of Our Lord

What ruler wades through murky streams and bows beneath the wave, ignoring how the world esteems the powerful and brave? Christ gleams with water born with clay from land the prophets trod. Above while heaven’s clouds give way descends the dove of God. Come bow beneath the flowing wave. Christ stands here at your side, and raises you as from the grave God raised the crucified. Water, River, Spirit, Grace, sweep over me, sweep over me! Recarve the depths your finger trace in sculpting me.  ~ Thomas H. Troeger, 1993

Baptism is a very big deal
God’s gift of baptism happens once in a lifetime, but is practiced daily. The risen Christ “stands at our side” in the murky waters of our everyday experience. My heart can be like hard-pressed clay. But if you’ve seen one smooth stone, you know the power of water and waves to transform rough edges. Troeger’s hymn is poetry, as we learn to let go of decorum and receive God’s powerful and transforming love, that shapes and forms us.

Baptism & Belonging
Every group we belong to is an opportunity for us to be God’s light in the world. Being members of God’s family is different than the others, because Baptism is God’s work. Nothing can be added to our Baptism and nothing remains to complete it. We bring nothing but ourselves and God gives us everything.

Baptism of Our Lord Sunday, January 10
During the education hour on January 10 kids through 5th grade will have splashing fun time exploring the properties of water, and learning about Baptism! This is also a faith milestone day for Lambs (Children ages 0-3) families, with an invitation to join us in the Nursery, for songs and baby faith formation activities—all about Baptism! Bring your ECLC Baptism quilt. Not baptized yet, or don’t have a baptism quilt? Bring any special blanket with you on this day. Sea shells will also be given to children in worship, symbolic of the sacrament.