Exploring Sabbath: Time to Liberate

Throughout our Lenten journey, we have been reminded that God liberates us from believing that we are in charge of saving ourselves, that the world will not turn without our efforts, and that we are creator instead of created.  

Inspired by God's freeing acts, we are also called to seek liberation from worldly injustices for our neighbors. Liberation from hunger, freedom from homelessness, breaking free from poverty. We are called to seek liberation, together.

This Sunday, we explore Sabbath as liberation together.  

  • Advocacy Letter Writing: During the offering at each worship service, you are invited to write a letter regarding maternal and child health with Bread for the World or commit to Minnesota's Homes for All agenda for affordable housing.
  • Community Emergency Service food packing:  From 9:45-10:45, children AND adults are invited to the sanctuary for an intergenerational service project. We will pack bags of rice and lentils for neighbors using the CES Food Shelf.

As we continue to explore Sabbath together, may we remember that God desires rest for all of us, and we must seek it for our neighbor, as we seek it for ourselves.

In God's Restful Peace,