Give Sooner and We'll Pay Less Later

If you’ve been to ECLC lately, you’ll have noticed that construction is proceeding at a rapid pace. The kitchen and sanctuary additions have walls, roofs, and slabs, and are getting their utility infrastructure installed. Crews are replacing our old roof and adding extra insulation to conserve energy. Ductwork for the new HVAC system is being added, and the elevator shaft is almost ready for the new car and equipment to arrive. Plumbers are almost done preparing the bathrooms for new sinks, toilets, and drinking fountains.

These are just a few of the building project milestones we’ve accomplished in recent weeks. But along with rapid progress comes rapid payments. Our latest bill was almost $600,000! The more we can use capital appeal funds to pay construction costs up front, the less we’ll have to rely on loans - - saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payments. If you have the means to do so, please consider fulfilling your capital pledge in the next few months, or making an additional contribution. Thank you!