Your piece in ECLC’s mosaic! What story will you bring?

A mosaic consists of thousands of little stones. Some are blue, some are green, some are yellow, some are gold. When we bring our faces close to the mosaic, we can admire the beauty in each stone. But as we step back from it, we can see that all these little stones reveal to us a beautiful picture, telling a story none of these stones can tell by itself.

That is what our life in community is about. Each of us is like a little stone, but together we reveal the face of God to the world. Nobody can say, “I make God visible.” But others who see us together can say, “They make God visible.” Community is where humility and glory touch.

~ Henri Nowen, Bread for the Journey

Together we make God visible. For several weeks ECLC’s Mosaic Leadership Team has been learning the art of creating and installing a 17-foot mosaic on our new lower level lobby wall, to be made with broken pieces of ceramic, glass and mirror, stone, and other tactile treasures.

Your story is an important part of God’s story. Every piece matters! In addition to all ages and artistic abilities participating in mosaic-making this summer, at ECLC (Sundays, 9:30-11:00 am) and at St. Paul’s (Wednesday’s, 6:30-8:30 pm at 2742 15th Ave S, Minneapolis), we want to include something of yours in the mosaic!

How will this work?

Think about a meaningful piece you’d like included in the mosaic. For me, it’s my grandma’s broken tea cup. It might also be a chipped plate or broken vase. Maybe tile from a remodeling project, stones, shells, or glass collected while traveling, etc.

Inspired by Luisa’s story of Patrick’s broken communion cup, added to mosaics throughout Minneapolis, we hope everyone brings something. Bring your “special piece” to church, and leave it at the Mosaic Collection Station, with a note about why you chose the piece you did!

Thank you!  Kelly Rowley