Pastor Stephanie’s Parental Leave

Pastor Stephanie and Paul are expecting their third child in early August! Preparations for her parental leave are well underway. She will be away for 8 weeks, likely the months of August and September. During that time, we do not plan on hiring a formal interim; however, Pastor Erik will benefit from the preaching support of clergy in our congregation, as well as Lauren, who returns from sabbatical on July 3. Presently, Pastor Stephanie is tending to details pertaining to Adult Faith Formation; Children, Youth & Family Ministry; Confirmation; Pastoral Care; Racial Justice; and Stewardship, so that these ministries will receive the attention they need in the Fall. The ECLC office staff will be meeting on July 7 for an all-day planning session, addressing and anticipating ministry needs for the year ahead in our new building! With many exciting changes ahead, we look forward to celebrating with Stephanie, Paul, Madeline and August, as they await the newest addition to their family!

- Carol Bros, President, ECLC Council of Ministers