Let's End Homelessness Together

This week, if you drive down 66th Street in Edina, you'll notice that the old TCF Bank building...no longer looks like a bank! Slowly, but surely, this space is transforming into 66 West.  By next summer, 39 formerly homeless youth and young adults (typically 18-23) will call this building home.  Birthday parties, safe and stable friendships, and dreams will be fulfilled there.  Today, construction is 11% complete: apartments are being framed in the existing building and foundation blockwork has been set in the expansion.  In other words, we are getting closer to the first supportive housing for young people in the southwest suburbs. But, we're not there yet.

On Tuesday, October 11th, join over fifty ECLCers who've signed up to engage more deeply in Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative's overall vision of Ending Homelessness Together.  From Noon-1pm, close to 1,000 people will gather to be hear Beacon stories like our journey with 66 West, be inspired by residents of Nicollet Square whose lives have been transformed, and imagine what it would be like to truly end homelessness in the Twin Cities.

There's a seat at an ECLC table for you...but the RSVP deadline is Sunday, October 2nd!  Please, email Lauren now at lmorsewendt@eclc.org for an inspiring hour together.  This free luncheon will leave an impact; please note, as a friend and fundraiser, there will be an open ask at the end.  Thank you, ECLC, for your vision for creating safe, stable housing for young people in our community--we look forward to celebrating with you on the 11th!