Bold Living- Generous Giving

In 2018, Edina Community Lutheran Church will celebrate 70 years of being church together. ECLC has a long history of committing bold and generous acts of love and service:

  • ordaining the first woman in the American Lutheran Church and providing meals for 100 days during the Wounded Knee trials of the 1970s;
  • building affordable senior housing and becoming a Reconciling in Christ congregation welcoming LGBTQ persons in the 1980s;
  • challenging Minnesota’s conceal and carry gun law in 2003;
  • organizing against the proposed Minnesota constitutional amendment banning marriage between same-sex couples in 2012; and
  • building the first apartments for homeless young adults in the southwest suburbs in 2017.

Now, more than ever, the world needs this kind of bold and generous witness. Won’t you be a part of how God works in and through us now and into the future?

As you prayerfully consider your annual financial commitment to ECLC’s vitality in 2018, we invite you to imagine the possible impact when we as a congregation live boldly and give generously—together. For it’s only together that we can fully respond to the increasing needs of our growing congregation and ECLC’s expanding engagement with our community and world. Please take a look at the chart on the 2018 Giving Commitment Card and boldly consider moving your pledge up a step. Let’s energize our giving together, and enable our mission and ministry to thrive!