Happy Anniversary, Church!

October 31st, 2017 marks the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther posting 95 revolutionary ideas (the 95 Theses) to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, and the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. At the heart of this movement was a desire for people to know and understand core convictions of the Christian faith, accessible to all, apart from religious authorities: Scripture alone. Grace alone. Faith alone. Christ alone. Soli Deo Gloria!    

This Sunday, October 29th, we will commemorate this momentous anniversary, and as you will see and experience, there is a lot to celebrate!

Reformation Fun Day
Hear from Martin Luther at his desk in Wartburg Castle, and experience the Reformation though hands-on activities in Fellowship Hall. There is something for everyone. Bring family & friends!

Rite of Confirmation & Affirmation of Baptism
Our ninth graders are preparing to affirm the promises made at their baptisms. Please keep Jean-Luc, Dillon, Jarod, Joseph, Brita, Norah, Justine, and Sam in your prayers as they prepare for this significant milestone on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation!