Racial Justice Conversations

On February 5, 2017 – after a year of discussions and revisions, our congregation voted and adopted our racial justice statement:

“Racial injustice continues to thrive in our country and communities. Our Christian response is to walk in solidarity with people of color, because standing silent sanctions continued violence. We recognize that those who are white are intertwined in a network of unearned privilege. We, as a congregation, are compelled to advocate for racial justice. We invite other congregations to join together in expressing their commitments to live out our shared faith – active in love- in the struggle for equity and justice.”

These words call each of us to enter into a deeper commitment towards racial justice. This work involves action and advocacy, but it also requires introspection, reflection, and processing issues in messy conversations that may not have resolution. These conversations help us clarify our own ideas, seek different ideas from others, and then build bridges towards greater understanding of one another.

The third Sunday of most months is the DO JUSTICE COFFEE CONVERSATION, which focuses specifically on questions or topics of racial justice. This is a way for us to live out our commitment together as a congregation with intentionality.

The Racial Justice Committee’s call to each one of you is be brave! Live out our shared commitment by sitting at one of the many tables - because one or two tables just isn’t enough. Trust in God’s grace and presence. Listen deeply between the differing life experiences and opinions for commonality – for that is where we will discover ways to build bridges and further our work toward racial justice.

There will be a few questions on the tables this Sunday the 19th between services to facilitate the discussions as well as the RESPECT guidelines. I hope to see the courage and grace and commitment of all of you in conversation together Sunday.

-Kirsten Horstman, Racial Justice Committee.