A Note from Kristian: Preparing for Sabbatical

After a 3-year delay due to the building project, I’m excited to finally be going on sabbatical next week! I plan to start with some much-needed rest before Donell and I move from Minneapolis to Burnsville in April. In May, I’ll take the Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising course at Luther Seminary, followed by a trip to Missouri to help my elderly parents downsize. I also intend to have fun devoting time to my sorely neglected reading list, Netflix queue, and stack of Lego kits before returning to work on June 21, 2017.

I’m confident that things at ECLC will continue to run smoothly while I’m gone, thanks to the great team who’ll be pitching in to cover my responsibilities: Eileen, Erik, Harlan, Lisa, Rynda, and Stephanie. Don’t worry about keeping track of who’ll be doing what. Just contact Lisa at 952-926-3808 or lmacklem@eclc.org and she’ll direct you to the right person to assist you.