Transition Process

This weekend, ECLC pastors and staff, council, and the three teams leading the pastoral transition (transition team, call committee, and welcoming team) will meet with our transition consultant, Jim Pence of Walkalong Consulting. Jim will be training our teams as they prepare to lead the pastoral transition over the course of the next several months. The goal of this gathering is to train teams in the process; customize the congregational assessments; and develop a communications plan for keeping the congregation informed. Please join Jim Pence this Sunday during the Forum in the Sanctuary at 9:45 a.m., as he reports to the congregation and helps lead us through a time of growth and change. Please keep the following people in your prayers as they commit their hearts and minds, time and energy to this process:

  • Transition Team: Kathy M. Chair; David E.; Linnea H.; Liz P.; Steve S.; Mark S.; Amy S.
  • Call Committee: Jim S., Chair; Allison B., Youth; Mary Dee H.; Peter H.; Dave I.; Kathy K.; Camilla M.; Stephanie R.Y.
  • Welcoming Team: Judy A., Chair; Matt A.; Katherine B.; Tom D.; Mary L-H.; Gretchen L.; Joe L.; Doris P.