Story Song & Snack

Spark Your Child’s Biblical Imagination & Holy Curiosity with ECLC’s POP-UP STORY SONG & SNACK!

“To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled is a spark.” ~ Victor Hugo

I tend to use the words “biblical imagination” and “holy curiosity” often in conversations about healthy child development and faith formation. Especially when asked, “Will my child/youth/young adult have faith?”

Faith is God’s gift; it is not mine or yours to give. My work collaborating, curating, and creating opportunities where individuals & families can encounter God in each other and in all of life; where faith can be freely expressed, transformed, and made meaningful; is both mindful and hopeful of the transformational power of God’s love.

We can teach and learn a lot about religion, but faith must be experienced. It is deeply personal and it happens in community. Story Song & Snack is a summer tradition at Edina Community Lutheran Church. Itis a weekly opportunity for community; exercising our biblical imaginations and holy curiosity together.  Everyone who enjoys a good story, a fun song and healthy snack is invited to join us Sunday mornings between worship services. We also need readers of all ages, music leaders of all abilities, and snack-makers from all generations! Volunteer online or add your name to the list at ECLC’s sign-up center.

Look for the POP-UP tent and banner every Sunday morning, June 4 - August 13 at 9:30. Also look for us at various other locations and events throughout the summer, including ECLC’s ice cream social this evening!