Welcome Tapestry! Sunday, July 23!

This Sunday, 8:30 and 10:00 a.m., we welcome Pastor Melissa Melnick and seminarian Josue Gonzalez and friends from Tapestry, a local ELCA mission congregation. They will lead us in worship and word, with vibrant music and an inclusive message. Learn more about Tapestry on their website, www.tapestrymn.org, and read this invitation--a reflection of their purpose and identity:

Te invitamos to join us in building bridges with people who are different from ourselves, and crossing them, too, as we worship together and participate in nuestra comunidad!

We are a bilingual (Spanish/English) and multicultural comunidad de fe that serves our neighbors in Richfield and Bloomington.
We worship together con sabor latino, with fabulous musicians from Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the US.
When we gather we are African-Americans, Anglos, and Latinos and Latinas from many different countries:
Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Venezuela. 
We acknowledge all that divides and celebrate that which unites:
the love of Jesus, el amor  de Jesus, that we  share at the dinner table nd at the Lord's table.