66 West - Smells Like Home!

If you visited 66 West over the summer, there’s a good chance you were greeted by the smell of fresh baked cookies.  As each resident has moved in, one of the four youth coaches on staff has spent time making cookies with them. Not only does this teach the resident how to use the appliances in their kitchen, but it offers the chance for trust building between the tenant and staff who will support them as they complete their education, start a job, and learn life skills while getting to know their new home.  Plus, it creates a chance for each resident to get to know their new neighbors by sharing those cookies together afterwards. 38 of the 39 apartments are now occupied…so that’s a lot of cookies and a lot of new friendships!

Soon, 66 West will smell like cake as we celebrate the first birthdays of residents at the end of the month.  The Housing Task Force will host the first of these monthly birthday parties in order to learn what works best for residents, and then share opportunities with all of you to participate in future months.

Last week, hundreds of 66 West supporters gathered to get a sneak peek at the building and hear from a resident and community members at the Grand Opening celebration.  Check out more photos from the celebration here and “like” Beacon’s Facebook page to get occasional updates.  We continue our work on affordable housing: join ECLC’s Racial Justice team for a conversation on affordable housing & race equity on Sunday, August 27th from 9:45-10:45am in the fellowship hall.

If you missed the celebration, mark your calendar for the Ending Homelessness Together luncheon on Wednesday, October 25th and look for an opportunity to take a full tour of 66 West with ECLC in September…who knows, we might even get to taste some cookies!

- Lauren Morse-Wendt, Minister of Word and Service