66 WEST: Opening is Just the Beginning!

When ECLC started the process of building 66 West Apartments for homeless young adults in the sw suburbs, we weren’t just constructing a building…we sought to create a HOME.  Now, the first residents are building community together.

Yesterday, we celebrated 66 West’s 16 summer birthdays in their community room.  One birthday boy excitedly filmed each item of the taco bar while dramatically announcing each food item for posterity.  One birthday girl carefully chose the piece of cake with the perfect amount of frosting.  Two residents discovered that they are “birthday twins.”  The young man I ate with shared how happy he was he could make it—he’s busy starting accounting classes at Normandale next week.  They all gathered happily at dining tables in the common space—evidence of a house that is quickly becoming a community, with the help of organized opportunities from the service provider, Simpson Housing.

Each week, there’s a breakfast with staff for all residents to share ideas and questions.  A board on the wall lists the residents’ chosen values: respect, community, empathy, responsibility, safety.  A flyer lists a forklift job training program.  Another poster offers a Financial Literacy 101 class taught on site.  A sign points the way to the meditation room, where a discussion on well-being and healthy relationships takes place each week. 

Come and experience the energy and life and the good that God and God’s people are doing in this home!  ECLCers are invited for a full tour of 66 West on Thursday, September 14th from 5-6pm.  Email Lauren if you’d like to RSVP.