Augsburg University Choir

ECLC will host the Augsburg University Choir, which will be concluding their spring tour with a concert in our sanctuary Wednesday evening, May 2nd at 7 p.m. Conductor Mark Sedio is a good friend to ECLC, and the spouse of Pastor Jeff Sartain.

The 50-voice Augsburg Choir celebrates a long tradition of excellence in choral music. Praised for its high level of musicianship, the ensemble performs a diverse repertoire including compositions by well-known Scandinavian and American composers as well as a wide variety of music from throughout the world. The Augsburg Choir has premiered works by Knut Nystedt, Stephen Paulus, Steve Heitzeg, Carol Barnett, Egil Hovland, Kari Tikka, and Sigvald Tveit.

The concert at ECLC will feature a new piece with text written by member, Rev. Justin Lind-Ayres, “Behold the Neighbor!”

Justin says of the piece,  “Behold the Neighbor!” is my effort to help us (me!) see anew the neighbors around us and, ultimately, to see that we are neighbors. In this text, I reach back to Luke 10:23 as the interpretative lens for the parable of the Good Samaritan where Jesus stated to the disciples, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see!” What do your eyes see when you engage the Good Samaritan story? Behold, our holy vision. Behold, the Christ. Behold—neighbor! This, I believe, is our calling from Jesus—to be the neighbor. To love the neighbor with heart and soul, with strength and mind, is to be the neighbor to one another through the love of Christ.

There will be no charge for the concert, and a free-will offering will be received. If you would be willing to volunteer to help host this event by ushering or greeting guests, please contact Pastor Jeff. Please plan to attend, bring family or friends, and enjoy hearing this excellent choir perform in our beautiful sanctuary.