Celebrate Lauren's Ministry!

Lauren Morse-Wendt joined the staff of ECLC in August of 2008. For a decade we have benefitted from her open spirit, her joyful enthusiasm, her deep compassion, her bright mind, and her love for this congregation and for God’s whole world. She has led the way in mission, prompting us when we were complacent, encouraging us when we felt overwhelmed, and inspiring us with her creativity. We are blessed by her ministry, and by the great gift of her “Lauren-ness.” Her vision leads us from El Salvador to 66 West, and so many places in between where we learn how Christ is present to us when we serve in love. She welcomes newcomers among us and helps them make our church their spiritual home. She loves our littlest ones and our elders too. Her ministry is a bright, bright light. 

In honor of her first decade of service with us, we will honor her and celebrate with her on August 26, following worship. Come prepared to eat, to laugh, to hear (or speak!) stories about her ministry, and to give thanks to God for Lauren. How fortunate we are to be partners with her in ministry!