New Member Sunday, May 19

Our faith stories are not perfect…and they aren’t meant to be. They zig-zag. They stop and start. They have bursts of activity…and quiet zones. And milestone moments to celebrate.

This Spring, the faith stories of 13 new member households have brought them to ECLC. This Sunday, we will welcome these 13 households in worship, giving thanks for their commitment to God and to this community, and ready for how their stories might grow, deepen, and change our own ECLC story here. Please join us in worship as we pray for them, and greet them throughout the morning.

In addition, 17 more households joined ECLC in 2018. We will celebrate their year with ECLC with a special gathering for them to continue to connect with each other and share their dreams for ECLC.

These 30 new households are a gift and a reminder that we are a community whose story continues to develop. It’s a joy to wonder together:

How might we continue to connect authentically with each other as we grow?

How might the wisdom of our history inform our future?

How might God be calling ECLC out into our community?

Who might still need to hear the loving news of God’s grace?

Above all, we remain a community committed to understanding and living God’s YES for the whole world. We welcome your ideas for continuing this witness; please email Deacon Lauren with your ministry program ideas.