Caring Ministries

ECLC members and staff care for one another in many ways. A new caring ministry, the prayer team, officially started in early May. Each week a prayer team member contacts six or seven households to let them know that they and the staff will be praying for them and to ask for prayer requests. We are praying through the membership roster during the course of one year (we’re currently in the Ds), so expect to get a call sometime before next spring if you haven’t yet. Thank you to the faithful prayer team members: Judy A, Mary B, Rynda C, Bev D, Marilyn D, Jane L, Doris P, and Sandy W.

The BeFrienders program is another way ECLC members provide caring ministry. Trained volunteer BeFrienders are available to listen, support, and accompany other ECLC members during times of difficulty or transition. If you are interested in receiving a visit from a BeFriender, please contact one of the pastors. Thank you to our compassionate BeFrienders: Sharon A, Bernie A, Carol B, Katherine B, Julie C, Cheryl E, Jane L, Bev L, and Joy S.