Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.

With these truth telling words, we begin our Lenten journey.  The odd behavior of the church calendar is intensified as we journey in a season whose beginning is determined by a lunar calendar and whose themes and stories of promise are a counterpoint to the despairing narratives of our world.  Lent speaks a prophetic word to a world mired in violence and greed; it offers hope and comfort to those weighed down by fear and loss.  Ashes signal the solidarity of our common humanity and our common mortality; signed in the shape of a cross ashes speak to us that we are the baptized children of God and inheritors of all of God’s promises.  Fasting, alms giving, and prayer are ancient disciplines and patterns of observing Lent; and as one prayer has it – let us pray that our fasting be a hunger for justice; our alms, a making of peace, and our prayer, the chant of humble and grateful hearts. 

It is important that we journey in solidarity together as we turn again toward the God who has already turned toward us.  Let us bear the mark of ashes together for these 40 days as a sign of hope. Come for worship on Wednesdays and Sundays; become a confirmation mentor; be part of the Beloved Community Experiment getting to know other members; participate in Do Justice conversations; find ways to serve neighbor in service and advocacy - as we wait for the Easter fire to be kindled. 

State Legislator Town Hall Forum at ECLC

Inspired by Jesus’ witness, engaging with our community is a long-held value of Edina Community Lutheran.  On Tuesday, February 21st from 7-8:30pm you and the larger neighborhood are all invited to a State Legislator Town Hall Forum hosted by ECLC’s Mission Committee and moderated by the Edina League of Women Voters.  The three State Legislators who represent Edina constituents will be present: Senator Melisa Franzen, Representative Dario Anselmo, and Representative Paul Rosenthal. Focused on issues of value to many within ECLC, the time will be split between the timely topics of homelessness, healthcare, preventing gun violence, and racism. Free childcare will be available.

The Mission Committee hopes to provide a welcoming forum for ECLCers and our larger community to meet their legislators, become knowledgeable about current issues affecting our community, and gain experience with advocacy.  As people of faith, we join the ELCA Advocacy Office in our belief that “Our Christian faith compels us to attend to the world through the lens of our relationship to God and to one another. As a public church, we have a responsibility to step outside our comfort zones and challenge ourselves to address issues that affect families, communities and neighbors throughout the world. As a church body, the ELCA uses its prophetic voice boldly to address important political, social and economic issues that affect local and global communities.”

We hope you will participate in this Town Hall Forum and invite your neighbors!

In Christ, Lauren

ECLC Annual Meeting - Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017

Plan to attend the February 5, 2017 Annual Congregational Meeting after the second service. Members will receive the 2016 year reports, elect new members for the Council of Ministers and other representatives, approve the 2017 budget, consider adopting the Racial Justice Statement, consider a proposal to amend our bylaws to expand our personnel committee, and hear of plans for our upcoming pastoral transition.  Jim Pence, our succession planning consultant, will be with us to review his part in the process and answer questions. Childcare will be provided.  

Racial Justice Statement   Racial injustice continues to thrive in our country and communities. Our Christian response is to walk in solidarity with people of color, because standing silent sanctions continued violence. We recognize that those of us who are white, are intertwined in a network of unearned privilege. We, as a congregation, are compelled to advocate for racial justice. We invite other congregations to join together in expressing their commitments to live out our shared faith—active in love—in the struggle for equity and justice.