Lent 2019

In this community, we often hear from ECLCers wrestling with big questions of faith, especially as we continue to seek understanding in the midst of grief. We value those questions, and seek to cultivate a community that nurtures vulnerability and truth-telling. This Lent, we will dive into the mystery of God together and explore belief through the theme:

This We Believe: I know. I wonder. I trust.

When life causes us to question our own foundations, what can we believe in? Through the lens of scripture and a different creed each week we will allow ourselves to be, to wonder and to wrestle with belief. What in our Christian heritage speaks to your life? What inspires awe in you or doubt? What in our tradition or teachings troubles you? What leaves you wondering?

A five-week sermon series beginning Sunday, March 10 will take us off the lectionary at times and into scripture passages chosen by the preachers.

March 10: Belief and Doubt: What does it mean to believe in a creed?
March 17: Worship, Communion and Justice: Why do we gather and where are we sent?
March 24: Confession, Forgiveness and Prayer: Is it necessary to confess?
March 31: The Bible: Is the “Good Book” good for you?
April 7: Baptism: What does this water mean for our faith?

Each Sunday we will have a spiritual practice or guiding question for people to take with them focused on the theme.

On Wednesday evenings beginning March 6, Ash Wednesday, members of ECLC will offer their open and honest reflections on various creeds, considering what in these statements of faith inspire or unsettle them. We will begin with the Apostle’s Creed, but then move through more contemporary statements, some explicitly Christian and some may be more broad statements of values and conviction.

Also on Wednesday evenings, March 13-April 10, during the Soup Supper, we will offer a class: Faith Basics. These sessions are intended for people who have not been to seminary. In fact, if you’ve never attended a Bible study at church, then this just might be for you! It will be a great opportunity to ask questions, meet other ECLC members, and learn from church staff and one another about the same topics we will explore in the sermon series.

Welcome to this series as we journey together in faith and in doubt, confident that God holds and guides us in all our wonderings and wanderings.

I Spy Kids in Worship

“Learning how to worship is an essential part of becoming Christian” ~ Mons Teig

On Sunday morning you may have noticed labels in the sanctuary identifying parts of the worship space and a large liturgical calendar on the floor. They were all part of ECLC’s first grade faith milestone, an important step in our ministry programming with children. During this milestone event, we share an ELCA definition of worship:

Think about it like this. God’s Spirit calls us together. God speaks to us through reading from the Old and New Testament of the Bible, through preaching, prayer, and song. God feeds and nourishes us in a saving way. And God blesses us and sends us in mission to the world.

We use hand painted stones and the liturgical calendar, along with the children’s game I Spy, and a story from the Spark Story Bible to help us see ourselves as a part of the faith story and to know ourselves as part of the body of Christ, the church. God shapes who we are and who we are becoming in many ways throughout our lives. But worship is our best model for faith formation, and the heart of who we are, how we learn, and what we do together as the church.

Annual Congregational Meeting - February 10, 2019

On Sunday we will hold the annual meeting of the congregation. We hope you will attend to hear reports from our leadership, vote on revisions to our Bylaws, consider the annual budget and elect leaders who will continue to move us forward in our mission. We will also give thanks together for the life of our church that sustains us, inspires us and encourages us to live out God’s YES to the world.

Immediately following the 11 a.m. worship on Sunday we will share a meal and plan to begin the meeting at 12:30. Childcare will be provided.

Blessings! See you Sunday!

Pastor Jeff