Story Song & Snack

Story Song & Snack for preschool and elementary-aged children (there will likely be kids from ages 3-12 in the mix, with most being between 4 and 7) begins June 7 between worship services, from 9:45-10:10 am. Volunteers of all ages - new readers and experienced story teller and musicians alike - are needed to read a favorite story, lead a song, and/or provide a healthy snack. Come, have fun with us on Sunday mornings, shaping and forming faith, in community with one another. Volunteer at the sign-up center today. Read your newsletter each week to see where help is needed, and for storytelling and music ideas!

thank you sunday July 26 volunteers!

  • Story Jen & Janine Kellogg
  • Song Jen & Janine Kellogg
  • Snack Ruth & Phil Edstrom

read a story

You may bring an age- and church-appropriate book of your own choosing, or you may use one of the library books available in the basket set out for this purpose in Room 100. If you want ideas on a story that will mesh with the Sunday lessons, check out this marvelous website: There are stories and questions suggested for every day of the lectionary year, connecting children's literature with our faith story. Most are not Bible stories, but can lead to conversation about the themes for that Sunday. Click here for your Lectionary Link for Sunday, July 12, 2015.

lead a song

Simply bring your own singing voice! Our kids know the classics: Jesus Loves Me, Peace Like a River, If I Were a Butterfly, and His Banner Over Me is Love. Instruments or recorded music are welcomed but absolutely not necessary. Music resources (CDs and CD player, song sheets, smart phone speakers, children's instruments) are also available in advance for the asking.

provide a snack

Please coordinate with your fellow leaders so the food layout doesn't distract from the story and song. Please do not bring anything with peanuts or tree nuts, as some of our kids are allergic to these items. Depending on the weekend, we can have anywhere from 5-15 kids/adults at a time. We can provide paper napkins, cups, and plates if we know in advance they will be needed.